Why Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 Virtual Edition?

Due to the global pandemic situation caused by COVID-19, physical trade fairs in various important business hubs of the world have come to a standstill. Online Sourcing Exhibition "Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 – Virtual Edition" is an excellent opportunity for Commodity and Service Exporters to connect with foreign buyers with life-like communication features.

The Virtual Sourcing Fair titled "Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 – Virtual Edition" features virtual booths, digital display of Exhibits in 3D, Brochures, Audio and Visual presentation, live chat, as well as virtual B2B meetings and webinars. In addition, there will be a buyer-seller database on the fair website. The main purpose of the Sourcing Fair to be organized on Virtual Platform is to arrange Matchmaking of local exporters with potential foreign buyers to find foreign buyers with a life-like user experience with features like Live Chat, Call, or Video Conference.

"Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 - Virtual Edition" is focused on the major export sectors of Bangladesh, namely: Readymade Garments, Leather & Leather Products, Jute & Jute Products, Home Decor & Home-textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Agro and Agro-processed Products, Plastics, Light Engineering Products, Electric and Electronics, ICT, Furniture, Ceramics, and Handicrafts.

Showcased Export Products & Services in
Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 Virtual Edition

Readymade Garments (RMG) - All Woven & Knit Apparel/ Clothing | Men’s wear | Women’s wear | Denim Wear | Kid's wear | Hi- Fashion Designer labels

Leather and Leather Products - Leather Footwear | Leather Belt | Leather Bags | Leathing Clothing | Leather Accessories | Genuine Leather Products | Small Leather Goods | Espadrilles | Furniture Leather | Sofa Leather | Machinery & Equipment | Footwear Machinery | Equipment

Jute & Jute products - Hessian Cloth | Sacking Cloth | Jute Yarn and Twines Canvas | Bags | Hydrocarbon Free Jute Cloth | Jute and Jute products | Serim Cloth | Hessian tapes and Gaps | D. W. Tarpaulin | Geotextiles

Agro and Agro-processed Products - Processed Food | Frozen Food | Frozen Seafood | Manufacturers and Distributors of Farm Machinery | Agricultural Sector | Agricultural Products Manufacturers

Hometextile and Home Décor - Bedsheets | Pillow Covers | Couch Covers | Cotton | Table Napkins | Furnishing Fabrics | Cushions | Cushion Covers | Carpets | Mattress Covers | Bath Linen | Home Textile Agencies

Pharmaceuticals - HFA | Inhalers | Suppositories | Hormones | Steroids | Oncology | Sprays | Immunosuppressant products | Injectable and IV infusions | Drug Intermediates

Ceramics - Dining Ceramics | Ceramic Tiles | Sanitary Ware | All Ceramic products | Raw Materials | Ceramic Color | Draperies | Curtains Excipients | Additives | Consultants | Workshop Tools & Equipment | Blow Molding Machines

IT & ICT - Custom Software Developers | Software Development Outsourcing | Web & Application Development | Software & Technology Consulting | Wholesale of computers | Computer peripheral equipment and software | Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications parts and equipment | Telecommunications

Plastics - All Plastic products | Plastic Furniture | Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE) | High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) | Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) | Polypropylene (PP) | Polystyrene (PS)

Electric & Electronic Products - Insulated wire and cable | Electronic valves and tubes and other electronic components | Instruments and appliances for measuring

Light Engineering Products – Bicycle and Bicycle parts | Gas Cylinder | Iron Steel | Electric Products | Engineering Equipment | Copper Wire | Stainless Steel ware | Electronic Devices | Air conditioner | Banknote counter | Coffee maker | Computer | Digital camera | Electric guitar | External hard drive | Fish tank | iPod | Laser printer | Lift | Microphone | Piano | Projector | Refrigerator | Remote control | Robotic vacuum cleaner | Smart television | Washing machine | Wi-Fi modem

Furniture and Furniture styles - Home Furniture | Office Furniture | Beds | Cabinets | Chairs and seating | Chests | Clocks | Desks | Tables

Handicrafts - All Handicrafts | Pashmina Shawls | Woodwork | Pottery | Shell | Brass Handicrafts | Bamboo Handicrafts

Benefits of Buyers

Online B2B Meeting

Setting up a B2B Meeting Session is crucial for any business because it is a significantly strong link of lead generation activities. This virtual platform makes it very easy for potential Buyers to set Online B2B Meeting sessions with multiple Exhibitors. Setting an appointment gives an advantage because one can assure beforehand a schedule to communicate in detail.

Online B2B Meeting

How it Works

Key Features


If the Exhibitor is Online, a Buyer can easily send a Live Chat message to the Exhibitor for further discussion. A Buyer can also schedule a meeting with the Exhibitor for further discussions. The feature is extremely convenient and easy to use.


The Virtual Show also has an Audio Call option. No need to further log in to any other App as the Virtual Show is In-built with Audio Call features with which a Buyer can make a Call to the Exhibitor anywhere in the World directly from the Show website.


There is nothing better than a Face-to-face discussion between Buyers & Sellers. The Virtual Show website also has an in-built easy to use Video Call option without needing any support from third-party software. Buyers can schedule a Video Call meeting and hold an uninterrupted Video Conference with the Exhibitors right from the Virtual Show platform.