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Due to the global pandemic situation caused by COVID-19, physical trade fairs in various important business hubs of the world have come to a standstill. The Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh presents the Online Sourcing Exhibition "Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 – Virtual Edition". It is an excellent opportunity for Commodity and Service Exporters to connect with foreign buyers with life-like communication features.

"Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 – Virtual Edition" features virtual booths, digital display of Exhibits, Brochures, Audio and Visual presentation, Live chat, as well as virtual B2B meetings and webinars. In addition, there will be a buyer-seller database on the fair website. The main purpose of this Online Sourcing Exhibition on a Virtual Platform is to bring forward Bangladesh Manufacturers and Exporters strength to the world. The Online Sourcing Exhibition will also arrange Matchmaking of local exporters with potential foreign buyers and to connect with foreign buyers with a life-like user experience with features like Live Chat, Call, or Video Conference.

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"Sourcing Bangladesh 2021 - Virtual Edition" is focused on the major export sectors of Bangladesh, namely: Readymade Garments, Leather & Leather Products, Jute & Jute Products, Home Decor & Home-textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Agro and Argo-processed Products (Fisheries inclueded), Plastics, Light Engineering Products, Electric and Electronics, ICT, Furniture, Ceramics, and Handicrafts.

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About Bangladesh

Bangladesh - one of the fastest growing economies of South Asia got her independence in 1971 after the 9-month long Liberation war under the undisputed and unrivalled leadership of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Under the dynamic leadership of his able daughter, the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in raising incomes, reducing poverty and improving social indicators and has been classified as a middle-income country by World Bank.

Bangladesh belongs to the largest river delta as well as one of the most fertile regions of the world with a total area of 1,47,570 and a coastline of 710 (check) km. It has a population of 166.50 million (Economic Review 2020), making it one of the densely populated countries of the world. Bangladesh is largely ethnically homogeneous. Over 98 percent of the people speak in Bangla. English is widely spoken as well. The country is covered with network of rivers and canals forming a maze of interconnecting channels and rich water ways.

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Why Source from Bangladesh?

Bangladesh exports to 202 countries and territories of the world and the number of products with HS code is 766 (Seven Hundred Sixty-Six). The volume of merchandise and service export in terms of value was 45,367.8 million in the concluding FY 2020-2021. The growth of export is also phenomenal. Due to the fallout of covid like other dominant economies, Bangladesh was also affected but in the FY 2020-2021 Bangladesh rebounded and registered 15.10% growth. The export scenario of Bangladesh indicates her faster moving forward towards Middle Income Country by 2024.

Trend in Export Trade

1972-73 2020-21
No. of Products 25 751 (H.S. Code 4 digit)
No. of Markets 68 203
Export Value US$ 348.41 M US$ 45,367.8 M

Export from Bangladesh 1972-73 to 2020-21


Major Features and Advantages


If the Exhibitor is Online, a Buyer can easily send a Live Chat message to the Exhibitor for further discussion. A Buyer can also schedule a meeting with the Exhibitor for further discussions. The feature is extremely convenient and easy to use.


The Virtual Show also has an Audio Call option. No need to further log in to any other App as the Virtual Show is In-built with Audio Call features with which a Buyer can make a Call to the Exhibitor anywhere in the World directly from the Show website.


There is nothing better than a Face-to-face discussion between Buyers & Sellers. The Virtual Show website also has an in-built easy to use Video Call option without needing any support from third-party software. Buyers can schedule a Video Call meeting and hold an uninterrupted Video Conference with the Exhibitors right from the Virtual Show platform.


Appointment setting is crucial for any business process because it can often be a significantly strong link of lead generation activities. This Virtual Exhibition makes it very easy for potential buyers to set appointments with multiple companies. Setting an appointment gives an advantage because one can assure beforehand a time schedule to communicate in details.

How it works...


This Virtual Exhibition is focused on the major export sectors of Bangladesh, namely: readymade garments, leather & leather products, jute & jute products, home decor & home-textiles, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of agricultural and agro-processed products, fisheries, plastics, light engineering products, electronics, ICT, Furniture, ceramics, and handicrafts.

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